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SoftDesign’s software packages are mostly adapted to clients’ business demands.

Differences in the implemented solutions appear at several levels. They can be substantial such as:
• Differences in business processes
• Differences in the documentation system
• Different report needs 
• Different hardware that puts under limits software adaptation

Also, there are in the first glance less important differences which often dramatically accelerate and facilitate business processes.
Giving consideration to  constant changes in legislation, in client’s companies’ organization as well as in new needs that appear in cours of time, it is of great importance that our reaction and change of the information system are very fast and of good quality.The user gets tested and optimized software package,easy to use, and its maintenance becomes our daily task.

Through the previous practice,appears that this kind of care about our clients makes long-term collaborations and build a high level of mutual trust.
It is also possible integration of our applications with business applications from other producers.

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